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Born:  1959
Hometown:  Ottawa, Canada
Lives and Works:  Embassy of Ideas, Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Twitter | Instagram:  @pattifriday
Education:  Self-taught (curious interested instinctual hungry researcher)
Editor of Embassy of Ideas | Award-Winning Blogger
Writer | Photographer

Artist Statement:

Photography:  Candid, Cinematic and Emotional Images
I am a creative nonfiction Photographer.  I explore my surroundings with a candid, cinematic and emotional approach.  I live life and photograph it.  Documenting the present that may hold a code to the past and predictions for the future in one sliver of time.  The photographic storyboards coloured in my mind are filled with questions about sensuality, landscapes and the cultural mosaic of Canada. I want the viewer to experience unexpected visual chapters of imagined narratives with a sense of disorientation and ambiguity. Everything is interesting to me. That’s what I'm archiving. 

Painting:  Sanguine, Symbolic and Sophisticated Works of Art
I am a Gemini and in true form I accept and embrace my duality.  One twin wildly applies bold colour combinations of paint giving life to abstraction.  The other is having an affair with folkloric, colour-blocked, graphique and illustration-style works. Now you know how to tell the twins apart. 

Interdisciplinary Art:   Think Fruit Cocktail
Bringing many disciplines together on projects is powerful and joyful.  Paintings, photographs, words, textiles, ceramics, drawings, printed matter (rooted deeply in my blood), self-publishing and presentation methods.  Pushing boundaries. Connecting various mediums to be savored together.  Freedom!  

What They Are Saying:

“You amaze me. I think you are one of the most interesting people in the world. I mean that. I love everything your write about – it is always something interesting and usually something I am interested in. Your blog is like a great daily newspaper column – keep plugging at it.” 
Cote de Texas  

"Sometimes there are no words to describe how you really feel. So you gotta dance. Interpretive dance to convey the 'badassness' of Patti Friday. You rule!"

Patti Friday is a Canadian photographer, designer and charismatic mother of four. "The Embassy of Ideas", nestled on the shore of Georgian Bay, is her enigmatic creative headquarters.  She is a prolific multi-media artist with a fun loving irreverent point of view and eclectic creative style.  Patti's signature series of decorative graphics was made expressly for Photolark. - Photolark Gallery 

"In watching Anthony Bourdain, I really think you have many similarities.  You should have your own Parts Unknown show!  I just love it and the descriptions. We need to speak with these CNN folks! But in all honesty, I really think the way the show is presented is a lot like your photography.  You feel like you are walking beside him." - Caitlin Prior

“Prolific coverage of cultural news.” – Organic Orgy  

“I find Liberty Post not only full of fun things to look at, but she leaves me with thoughts to ponder. I love her attitude and tell it like it is personality……only to be true to herself. She’s bold, she’s caring……she has something to say. Her site has a full array of information……..crafty things, bargains, photography…….great photography, food………I leave feeling good every time I visit.” – Kim, Today’s Creative Blog  

“…I still adore your blog, how you shift from thoughtful to pissed, to hilarious. This blogging thing we do is important. It’s one of the last strongholds of freedom of speech and you’re not afraid to use it.” – Corine, Hidden in France  

“congrats on one year! it’s been an entertaining, hella pleasurable, madly inspiring education!”-mackin ink  

“I like what you have to say. I like the fact that people don’t need to agree with you, that you spark discussion. That’s a good thing.”-At Home With The Farmer’s Wife   

“Complex and always thinking, that’s you.” – Life in Red Shoes  

“Images of a heart feeling. People like your blog because you describe a moment of your heart by taking a picture of it.” – Mo Elleven, Architect & Designer, Egypt 

“If you haven’t checked out Liberty Post then it’s definitely worth a look see – it’s so funny, creative and insightful – it always brings a smile to my face (and occasionally a tear!) – and that’s exactly what I love about it.” – Shannon Fricke  

“You have provided a year’s worth of interesting tidbits about every subject under the sun. It’s always a learning experience here – always interesting – and often very funny. Keep it up girl!!!” – Joni, Cote de Texas  

“Knowing you is like handing a loaded gun to a 6 year old. You are never certain whats going to happen, but you are fairly certain it will be in the newspaper tomorrow.” – Tinman DeMontreal 

“Shes timeless and ageless and adds flavour to everyones facebook experience…. who is she??? Patti Friday The Queen of Blogs, Photography and Writing. Online parties, chocolate rehab and mutinees. Shes Patti !!! We love her SMILE … her entertainment … her thought provoking posts …. her way of seducing us into her world with tantalizing sizziling sneak previews of something that just becomes a masterpiece as we all interact. Patti … Happy Birthday !!! xoxo We Love You xoxo” – Anita D’Ambrosie

Thanks also to Linda of Restyled Home who gave me such a precious compliment, it actually made me tear up! Linda wrote: “I so admire your take on things, your writing and photography. You would be my top pick for most fascinating dinner guest, sure to cook up a great repertoire of hot topics!” Shucks.  

“Prolific and provocative prose from one whose finger is on the pulse of culture.” 
Of Cabbages and Kings 

PRESS: Thank You, I’m Blushing

Jan 2015 Canadian Florist Magazine

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