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Photographic Artist

Author. Editor of Embassy of Ideas. Bubby and proud Canadian.

Patti Friday works internationally as a Photographer & Writer shooting and styling people, places and things.  Her home studio/gallery, known as ‘The Embassy of Ideas’, is creative headquarters where she ignites the concepts, visual stories and words for her clients and various personal art and publishing projects.  

Patti has a cinematic eye; candid and emotional, one that also identifies lifestyle and cultural commentary that she shares on her award-winning blog.   Patti’s confident talent produces inspiring, powerful imagery that makes her a sought after Canadian Artist. 

Ashely Longshore made this video for me. Thank You! 

Please contact Patti directly to inquire about her original works of art. Images may also be purchased for various usages and licensing.  


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Artist Statement:

My works of art are visual records of the adventures that capture my daydreams and personal landscapes.  I explore my surroundings with a candid, cinematic and emotional approach.  I live life and photograph it.   Documenting the present that may hold a code to the past and predictions for the future in one sliver of time.  The photographic, abstract and folkloric storyboards coloured in my mind are filled with questions about sensuality, nature and the cultural mosaic of Canada. I want the viewer to experience unexpected picturesque chapters of imagined narratives with a sense of disorientation and ambiguity. Everything is interesting to me. That’s what I'm archiving. 

The above photograph is my guiding image.
 I shot it in Montreal while
enjoying a wonderful summer evening 
at an outdoor cafe.

I am happy to be self-taught! 

Author of 7 Books

I look forward to documenting your life, event or company.

Wedding Images here

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Photographer + Award-Winning Blogger + Writer = Cultural Producer


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