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Born: 1959

Artist  Visual Historian  Writer

(Core:  Photography)

Author of 7 Books

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I live life and photograph it. 
Welcome to my award-winning blog.
I hope you enjoy my adventures in arts, culture 
and (mostly) Canadian lifestyle.
I report from inside 'The Art Dept.' (camera always in hand) 
at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'. 
I live on the world's longest freshwater beach 
about an hour north of Toronto. 
The 'Embassy' is full of life and good ideas. 
It's FRIDAY everyday.

"Sometimes there are no words to describe how you really feel. So you gotta dance. Interpretive dance to convey the 'badassness' of Patti Friday. You rule!"
 - Sarah Ashley Longshore (WATCH)


Patti Friday works internationally as a 
Photographer Writer 
shooting and styling people, places and things.  
Her home studio/gallery, known as ‘The Embassy of Ideas’, 
is creative headquarters where she ignites the concepts, 
visual stories and words for her clients 
and various personal art and publishing projects.   


Learn about my fees here.

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Here are a few other places 

to find me

Original Art

Art Tumblr
Art Blog

My photography is created as a simple image

(natural light / candid / cinematic / documentary)


blended in other artworks as 
painted photographs
digital photo-illustration
and mixed media
My photographic art is always the beginning of design work.
Decorative Items
Surface + Pattern
Paper Goods

I also sell my photographs as stock through
Getty Images

Please contact me for 
interviews, appearances, collaborations and inquiries.
FB pattifriday

"Patti Friday is a Canadian photographer, 
designer and carismatic mother of four. 
"The Embassy of Ideas", 
nestled on the shore of Georgian Bay, 
is her enigmatic creative headquarters.  
She is a prolific multi-media artist 
with a fun loving irreverent point of view and eclectic creative style.  
Patti's signature series of decorative graphics 
was made expressly for Photolark." - Photolark Gallery 

The above photograph that I shot in Montreal while
enjoying an outdoor cafe is my guiding image.

Award-winning Canadian Blogger Patti Friday 
delivers daily lifestyle posts on arts & culture 
served with a buffet of global topics.

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