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 Contemporary Artist creating for 
private, corporate and public collections worldwide. 
Connecting with ambassadors of imagination and good taste everywhere. 
Dreamy combinations of sanguine, symbolic and sophisticated paintings 
with candid, cinematic and emotional photographs. 
(Painted Photographs) 

Read my Artist Statement here.

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Studio:  Embassy of Ideas, Canada

 Independent Book Publisher

My friend and international pop art star made this video for me.

"Sometimes there are no words to describe how you really feel. So you gotta dance. Interpretive dance to convey the 'badassness' of Patti Friday. You rule!"
 - Sarah Ashley Longshore (WATCH)


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I also sell my photographs as stock through
Getty Images

Independent Publisher   
Author of 7 Books

The above photograph that I shot in Montreal while
enjoying a wonderful summer evening at an 
outdoor cafe is my guiding image.

While traveling I engage in writings and photographs.

"I live life and photograph it."

Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada
44.5206° N, 80.0167° W
Art + Commerce

Yes. "Friday" is my name.
It was Freitag (German)
Then it was Frieday
but that 'e' caused too much confusion
in my humble opinion
so I dropped it.

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